When considering Muslim tunics to wear this season, there are many suggestions. However, out of all these Islamic tunics, nothing comes close to the abaya. The abaya is a stylish cloth, which conforms to Arabic laws and still brings out your shape.

There are these Muslim tunics which suit all women in Arab countries. Let’s talk about the abaya and the various types available.

About the Abaya

Despite its popularity, many people still ask: what is an abaya? You should know that it’s a modest garment which is worn by ladies in Arabic countries. When a woman goes outdoor, this abaya can be worn in public and private places.

This garment is designed to be free-flowing and makes you comfortable. A garment of this nature is worn by ladies who want modest apparel that is suitable for all temperatures.

The different types of Abayas available

Abayas are simple, sleek and come in various styles. Here are some kinds of Abayas you will need to love:

A-line Abaya

The A-line Abaya is known to be free-flowing and lose apparel, which is common among Muslim women. This is an abaya style which gives out a modest vibe and allows easy fitting. Those who love traditional fittings and can pate with a hijab easily. It’s an abaya style which is fluffy and has some loose fitting.

Posh abaya

The Posh abaya style is ideal clothing for formal and casual occasions. It goes well with several accessories, which makes it an interesting buy. If you are a social person, this is a great wear for festive celebrations and a stylish choice.

Layered abaya

The layered abaya style is one of the best styles for this apparel. It is made from different fabric layers. This abaya type has two different garments sewn together and features unquote needlework.

Cape style abaya

Cape-style abaya is a good way to add some flair to your dressing. It is a version of the traditional abaya and includes a cape which flows around the shoulder. The cape makes it slugs and allows your arms to have a beautiful overlay. With this apparel, your dress has a modern look which makes you look special everywhere you go.

Robe abaya style

The robe abaya style is simple apparel which is comfortable to wear. This is similar to a kimono style and has nice sleeves, which makes it a nice pair for a variety of outfits. This robe is appealing and allows you to make a great fashion statement among your peers.

The abaya remains modest and stylish clothing for every lady. It doesn’t matter where you are going, it will make you classy and trendy.



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