Smartdressing distinguishes you and gives you confidence. Whether you are an upwardly mobile executive or a sit-at-home mum, you need fashionable shoes that are easy to wear and comfortable for your feet. Can you see yourself wearing a women’s Nike Air Rift to a neighbourhood store, or the beach, or to visit family and friends?

Put on simple sneakers, and you are on your way, feeling relaxed outdoors in these leisure shoes like no other. This page reviews some fashionable sneakers you can try.

Women’s Nike Air Rift (DV3452-200)

As a stylish woman, you require trendy sneakers that match your pants, jeans, and skirts. Nike released the women’s nike air rift on 6/11/2022 for women of style and elegance. The Nike air rift sneakers have rattan, summit white, and magma orange colors, giving a diverse range of colors that will match your jeans, skirts, and shorts.

This hybrid sneakers sandal was skillfully crafted to keep your feet cool. It has a split-toe look with an eco-friendly rattan upper cover with large air openings. The sneakers are lightweight and comfortable on the sole because of the lush cotton midsole with air cushions. That soft foam padding protects your sole when you step on hard surfaces.

The hook and loop straps make it easy to slide on and off your feet. The white rubber outsole with sturdy tread of the women’s nike air rift adds durability and grip and is perfect for that hot time of the year.

Fila Women’s Disruptor II Sneaker

Roll back the years and step out into the present with these statement-making Fila sneakers. The sneaker boasts long-lasting simple white color, totally white, white with the red with blue Fila logo. If you like white and gold or white and silver colors, they are there for your shopping ease.

Adidas Superstar Shoes

Get those white Adidas sneakers and take on the new role of the superstar, your true self. Get any color that suits you such as black with white trimmings or a cloud-white pair. The sneakers are built of leather at the top and lining and are trend and time resistant.

Cariuma OCA Low Premium Leather Sneakers

Cariuma is a Brazilian shoe made with you in mind. It’s a gray leather pair of sneakers with a white sole padded with soft foam. Step out in it and feel all eyes admiring your outfit. The shoe was made out of eco-friendly natural leather. The maker ships them out to buyers in reusable packing. The shoe has other colors apart from gray. It has brown gray and white colors and they will fit any clothes you wear. Also, it has a male and female design.

Mallet London Pop ham black and gold

These sneakers are soft, sleek, and created by Mallet London. The maker produces new, exciting, timeless designs. These all-black ladies’ sneakers have gold and silver adornments. The sneaker is all leather and suede and made in London of superior leather.

Gucci Ace Embroidered Sneakers

This Gucci-designed sneaker is for that trendy feminine look. Wear it and step up higher to the level of the iconic brand. This pair’s upper parts and the lining are made from peak leather. The back of the shoe is snake skin with a bee logo adorning the sides of the shoe.



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