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The Weekly Record represents a common type of storefront that appeared in America's small towns in the later 1800's. Stone buildings implied permanence, such as required for a newspaper or, especially, a bank. This building could stand in a row of stores or alone. The model was inspired by an existing ruin of a stone store. Only the masonry for the front is still standing. Hence the model represents an imaginary building rather than a specific prototype.

The kit includes resin walls, windows, doors, and powered vent. The newspaper stand and bench are laser cut wood. Also included are a choice of black and white signs or color signs, a trash can, 2-55 gallon drums, newspapers, and stripwood to build the boardwalk and rooftop sign.

Figures are not included

Kit dimensions:
5"W x 7"D
5"W x 9.5"D (with front boardwalk and rear porch)

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