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In 1997 or so, I asked members of my mailing list what buildings they would most like to see. I expected strong responses for stations or movie theaters or factories. However, I was unprepared for the top request to be churches. The requests were not for just any church kits. The specific request was for a church that was not "toy like.

In a later newsletter, I promised a church that was not "toy like" and that had an entrance in a tower that was to the side. My desire was to not mimic the four realistic church kits that were then available, each of which had a central tower.

I also resolved to provide an apse space at the rear in addition to the nave, thus isolating the area that would house the alter. This mimics the shape and arrangement of many larger churches and cathedrals. I am not positive that the apse is prototypical for this size of church, but it does make the model's profile more interesting.

As with all of my previous offerings, the building is a freelance design incorporating specific elements from prototype examples. The steeple is borrowed from a historic church in Oysterville, Washington and is nearly an exact reproduction. The carpenter gothic design, with board and batt siding and peaked detailing at the eaves, is reminiscent of many small churches across the country. The windows are a standard item in the Grandt Line catalog and the kit was designed specifically to accommodate those windows. They are prototypically correct for this style of church.

The model includes resin castings for the roofs, walls and other major detail parts. The hand rails and porch roof brackets are laser cut from birch plywood. Windows are styrene with clear glazing. (A small church of this era would probably not have stained glass.) The vehicles, figure and sidewalk are not included

(click here to see drawings of the church)

Click here to read some comments on painting kit 110 by Jim Vail MMR

Kit dimensions: 4.25"W x 6.25"D x 6.5"H
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