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This interesting structure is another "typical" retail building built on main streets throughout America in the late 1800's. The smaller store on the right with the second story was added later, and the cornice fashioned to match the original. The prototype building that inspired this kit stands in Silver Plume, Colorado. It is freshly painted and still in use.

It is interesting, when observing the prototype cornice, to note that the original brackets were simply rearranged when the cornice was lengthened. New brackets were not fabricated. They simply moved one of a pair from the left of center to the right of center position.

As with many of our structures, this existing building provided inspiration for the front. However the model is of our own design. Sizes are chosen to be appropriate for the model, and the sides, rear, and roofline design are imagined. And we did provide the additional brackets at the cornice.

(click here to see cornice detail)

(click here to see window detail)

(click here to see the back side of the structure)

(click here to see the right side of the structure)

Kit dimensions: 4.25"W x 4.25"D

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