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These two stores stand on Main Street in our reference town of Norton's Landing. Strong's Mercantile has been here for as long as anyone can remember. During the great western migration they sold provisions to the settlers before they crossed the river on flat boats from the landing. In those days they sold everything from preserved foods to farming supplies to clothing. Today they deal mostly in everyday clothing for the entire family. Some folks shop at the chain stores two towns to the North. But most have continued to patronize Strong's for everyday needs.

Next door is Hill's Upholstery. They replaced the Town and Farm Real Estate Agent that moved up to the new highway last year.

Strong Mercantile Company, and Joseph Hill's Ulpholstery shop are fine examples of decorative sheet metal fronts. At the turn of the century, a common building material used to dress up fronts of business buildings was pressed sheet metal. It was formed into panels and ornaments in a variety of styles and shapes. The pieces were illustrated in catalogs and could be ordered in sizes and arrangements to fit most any structure.

Sheet metal ornament was most often used to fashion the cornices of multi-story brick buildings, and for trim above windows. Sheet metal was also used to embellish one story store fronts, on both brick and wood framed structures. Our model was inspired by an old photograph taken in 1910. It is appropriate for small towns in many areas of the country, and can be used in settings from 1880 to the present.

Kit dimensions: 2.7"W x 4" D

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