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When we first saw this interesting storefront we knew it would have to be the inspiration for one of our structures. We thought the side-by-side arrangement of the storefront and the loading door, with its pair of sliding nine-panel doors, was interesting and appealing.

We only had a reference photo of the front--with the Soda Works name--to work from. The rest is from our imagination of how this little building may have appeared.

At the back of the property where the soda works stood there is a natural spring that flows across the floor of an abandoned stone springhouse. The spring was the source of pure water that was used in bottled soda waters, ginger ale, lemon-lime, and sarsaparilla.

The principal building that we have modeled had loading platforms on three sides. We suspect there was much activity. Flavoring syrups were made at the local orchards and delivered. New bottles were brought in from the glass supplier. Wood boxes were delivered. And of course, soda was delivered to the neighboring towns and cases of empties returned. Some of this moved by rail, and much more in small local trucks and, in earlier times, by wagon.

There is evidence of foundations for another building. We suspect it was used for storage of beverage products that arrived by rail and were distributed by this little business.

Kit dimensions: 4.25"W x 5"D building. Add .9" for loading docks where installed.

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