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During the development of our country, most if not all communities had at least one church, sometimes with the one building serving more than one congregation. In my research, I discovered that Dorrance, Kansas, in the mid 1800's, had three churches, each serving an average of 60 families. Perhaps one might claim that any community that had a Main Street of a few blocks in length, with a few substantial brick buildings, would undoubtedly have one or more places of worship.

These first church buildings were small, simple structures, and usually built of wood. Embellishments, if any were afforded, occurred as part of the steeple, the windows, and at the front door. The balance was relatively plain and of common construction.

This then is our First Church. It is one of those small churches that were serving congregations faithfully well into the transition era and in some locations are still used today.

4.25"W x 6.25"D x 6.5" (click on image for more information)
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This interesting structure is another "typical" retail building built on main streets throughout America in the late 1800's. The smaller store on the right with the second story was added later, and the cornice fashioned to match the original. The prototype building that inspired this kit stands in Silver Plume, Colorado. It is freshly painted and still in use.

4.25"W x 4.25"D (click on image for more information)

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Here is another "typical" retail building built on Main Streets throughout America. (The false front might identify it as western, but in fact false fronts were not entirely uncommon in other parts of the country.) We know the smaller store on the left was built later. They eventually needed more room and added the lean-to. Moffat's Bookstore consists of fine resin castings. The lean-to roof is styrene. Stairs and railings are by Grandt Line. The kit includes black and white, and colored, signs. Scenery, figure, vehicle, and sidewalk not included.
4.25"W x 4.25"D (click on image for more information)

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These two stores stand on Main Street in our reference town of Norton's Landing. Strong's Mercantile has been here for as long as anyone can remember. During the great western migration they sold provisions to the settlers before they crossed the river on flat boats from the landing. In those days they sold everything from preserved foods to farming supplies to clothing. Today they deal mostly in everyday clothing for the entire family. Some folks shop at the chain stores two towns to the North. But most have continued to patronize Strong's for everyday needs.
2.7"W x 4" D (click on image for more information)

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The Soda Works is a small town industrial building with rail and truck loading areas. A natural spring on the property supplied pure water that was used in bottling soda waters, ginger ale, and sarsaparilla. We suspect there was much activity. Flavoring syrups were made by local orchards and delivered. New bottles were brought in from a glass supplier. Wood boxes were delivered. Soda was delivered to neighboring towns and cases of empties returned. Some of this moved by rail, and some by local trucks.
4.25"W x 5"D (click on image for more information)

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We found this small storefront in our reference town of Silverbell. Like many retail buildings there, it features a cut stone front and native stone sides and rear. It is in ruins now but we do know that at one time it was a printing office.

It is a common type of storefront that appeared in America's small towns around the turn of the century where stone was available as a building material. You may use it to house many Main Street enterprises.
2.7"W x 4" D (click on image for more information)

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This handsome storefront stands alone about two blocks beyond the end of Main Street in Norton's Landing. It housed a plumbing supply in the 1950's. (The plumbing fixtures have remained, with weeds sprouting around them.) Now people come here to find all manner of antique building materials for refurbishing historic homes.

River Road Surplus is a common type of storefront that was present in America's small towns around the turn of the century. This building is suitable as part of a row of stores or standing alone as the retail building for a larger enterprise.
4.3"W x 4"D (click on image for more information)

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A small addition that could be added to the rear or side of any building. Could serve as a storage shed, shop, or office. Comes with two false fronts illustrated. One side, and roof material. One front must be cut to form the "rear" of the lean-to.
1.6"W x 2.5"D (click on image for more information)

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This little store in Norton's Landing has always been known as Billy's. Originally it was a grocery and produce stand, with the requisite boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables stacked on the wooden sidewalks. William Vanduzer, the owner, would give apples to children who gathered there after school.

Billy's survived at this location for 54 years. The little building was then vacant, a fix-it shop, and a succession of neighborhood bars. Now Warren "Billy" Osborn has his sandwich shop here, with cold drinks, ice cream and daily specials. He is considering serving frozen yogurt, if he can find any space for the machine. (Billy's place includes signs.)
2.1"W x 3.5"D (click on image for more information)

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An interesting one-story masonry building erected on small industrial sites in the 19th and early 20th centuries. It is where the paperwork was done and business deals concluded. A small office like this is perfect for small oil distributors, coal yards, sand and gravel operations and many other "out of doors" enterprises.

The Yard Office is an example of a typical building of the period and is not a model of a specific structure.
2.8"W x 2.8"D (click on image for more information)

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A typical wood frame retail building erected on main streets throughout the country in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Can be used for many types of retail stores. With the addition of open sheds it can house many types of light service industries, such as a stonecutter, carpenter, or auto repair shop.
1.6"W x 4.5"D (click on image for more information)

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A small addition that can be added to any main street retail building. They are used for storage, tool sheds, and sometimes living quarters. (Included with kit 101.)
1.75"W x 1.25"D (click on image for more information)

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