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This little store in Norton's Landing has always been known as Billy's. Originally it was a grocery and produce stand, with the requisite boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables stacked on the wooden sidewalks. William Vanduzer, the owner, would give apples to children who gathered there after school.

Billy's survived at this location for 54 years. The little building was then vacant, a fix-it shop, and a succession of neighborhood bars. Now Warren "Billy" Osborn has his sandwich shop here, with cold drinks, ice cream and daily specials. He is considering serving frozen yogurt, if he can find any space for the machine.

The O scale Billy's Place includes signs, materials for a wood walkway, and two garbage cans. Figures are not included.

Kit dimensions:
4"W x 6.5"D (With out sidewalks)
5.5"W x 8" D (With sidewalk)

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The Weekly Record represents a common type of storefront that appeared in America's small towns in the later 1800's. Stone buildings implied permanence, such as required for a newspaper or, especially, a bank. This building could stand in a row of stores or alone. The model was inspired by an existing ruin of a stone store. Only the masonry for the front is still standing. Hence the model represents an imaginary building rather than a specific prototype.

The kit includes resin walls, windows, doors, and powered vent. The newspaper stand and bench are laser cut wood. Also included are a choice of black and white signs or color signs, a trash can, 2-55 gallon drums, newspapers, and stripwood to build the boardwalk and rooftop sign.

Figures are not included

Kit dimensions:
5"W x 7"D
5"W x 9.5"D (with front boardwalk and rear porch)


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